We’d like to think of our stores as an extension of your dream closet. Isalis isn’t re-inventing the wheel, but instead going back to retail’s roots; offering exciting product and personal service.

We bring you a curated collection of trend-focused pieces every month, as well as core classics that are anything but basic. All pieces are carefully selected with the women who shop our stores in mind. Our goal is to be a part of your wardrobe, whether it be a full style, head to toe, or one amazing piece that completes your outfit. We get asked all the time, “What does Isalis mean?” Isalis is a place to find all the new and delightful things that evoke the happiness that you cannot live without!

Engage with us on instagram where we post stories of new arrivals several times a week. In our stories you’ll be the first to see our products before they hit the stores, see how the clothing moves, fits and can be styled. We also aim to delight you with some some occasional meme’s and cute pics of furry creatures. We recently launched our web store where we can now extend the in-store experience directly to your home. We hope you enjoy your experience as much as we did to create it!

2326 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94115